Monday, February 27, 2012

Idiots rule

Some politicians in Virginia and Texas (and Iowa and Alabama and Pennsylvania and Arizona, the list keeps growing, I'm afraid) are playing politics with women's bodily autonomy. Some have even gone so far as to attempt to mandate state-sanctioned rape for women who choose to terminate pregnancy by requiring women to undergo a TVP that cannot be refused. If you've never had a TVP, let me assure you: It is invasive

And Republicans (not all of whom are men!!) want doctors to do this to women. Against their will. For seeking abortion. The GOP wants to force women to have an invasive medical procedure (tantamount to rape by object) before women can obtain a separate, legal medical procedure. As the Washington Post Editorial Board so eloquently put it, "This from the folks who say the government can’t make you buy health insurance.

This is war on women, people. Anyone who tells you any different is in on it.

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