Friday, May 2, 2014

Halloween with the pagans: A true story

Halloween is my most favorite day of the year.
I have worn many different costumes throughout the decades,
including, but not limited to:

A princess - 1976

Paul Stanley - 1979

Little Bo Peep - 1986

A witch - 1987

A hobo - 1989

A blue crayon - 1992
A green fairy - 2000


I have missed Halloween only once...

Plagued with chicken pox, I stayed home and scratched.
I was five: a one-kid horror show.

Not too many years ago, I made the singular mistake of
hanging out with the local pagan society on Halloween.
They take themselves. Very. Seriously.

They wore black hooded garments and spoke in the affected manner of people who have never actually been laid
of hard core role-playing geeks
...of...affected people.

Needless to say...

They did not appreciate my pirate costume.



  1. Awesome. Funny. Love the edited line. And the blue crayon outfit. :)

  2. Pirates and Pagans would be a great band name.


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