Friday, September 17, 2010

Om Shri Gaṇeshāya Namah!

(oil on canvas)

Of all the gods and goddesses that man claims, I think Ganesha is far & away the most awesome. First of all, he has the head of an elephant. What's not to love about that? Secondly, he is the Remover of Obstacles. He rides around on a rat: a metaphysical trip, for sure. And he is also the patron god of artists, which makes perfect sense. I mean, what artist suffering from artist's block hasn't secretly hoped, or overtly prayed, for someone--some god or muse-- to intervene & remove obstacles to creativity?

Ganesha was inspired by a photograph of a moss-covered statue. I found the photo online, but I don't know who snapped it. For what its worth, my thanks go out to the unknown artist.

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