Sunday, December 27, 2009


Family tree

India ink on watercolor board
***copyright 2009 - Laura Marsh***

Some lucky people got Laura Marsh original artwork for Christmas this year!

A friend commissioned me to design a family tree for a loved one. I'm delighted by how it turned out. I regret that I didn't have this painting professionally scanned prior to giving it to its new owner. The digital image I made doesn't do it justice.

This next one was a gift to my pal, PG. She really liked it. Both creations were painted on cold pressed watercolor board (my favorite).

Up Dog
gouache on watercolor board
***copyright 2009 - Laura Marsh***

I'm going back to playing with my Strathmore artist trading cards now. I know those cards are primarily about packaging. After all, I have a paper cutter. I could have easily taken my paper of choice and cut down trading card-sized pages on my own, but buying a pack from Jerry's proved much more fun. Stay tuned...


  1. Beautiful work, as always!

  2. thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment. i love comments...

  3. Cute drawing of dog ... am feeling a bit guilty - I should be at yoga.


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