Monday, March 23, 2009

Legendary Slacker

Last week's IF, which I missed, was "legendary". The final product, which you see here, is from a sketch that I drew in plenty of time to post, but because I am a legend in my own right (in the realm of procrastination) I never got around to it.

There were many obstacles, real and imagined. I hated the way the drawing looked after I scanned it: The colors came out wrong; I couldn't make it look nice in GIMP; I didn't have a martini of my own. But today, after someone said, "WTF is up with your blog?!" I decided, WTF, indeed, and got motivated. (Thank you, MP.)

Unfortunately, I still hated the way the drawing looked. I decided to go on an artistic quest in the land of GIMP and make the old girl look good (or at least better, poor thing.) Many layers later, I discovered a filter feature called "old photo", which eliminated the problem with the colors. Then, I added a border and a coffee stain (another cool, if chaotic, filter feature).

The result is an illo that looks like a photograph of a bathing beauty (probably a once-famous model) with a drink, upon which a careless boyfriend (most likely Hugh Hefner) set a drink of his own.

Now it's legendary.


  1. What the f? I would never f-ing use the f word. LIes, lies I tell you.

    Love the shoes... also, weirdly, this is kind of how I picture your mom when you talk about her.

  2. Ha ha. She totally wore her hair like that when she was in high school :-)

  3. Wow, this paintings are cool. I'm not much of a painter, but I am a photographer.(sorta) Come see my blog!!!!!


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